I am down in Chicago today for some sales calls and stopped to grab a bite to eat at an awesome vegan restaurant (hell, it’s just an awesome restaurant, PERIOD) While at my table, overlooking the alley at the corner of Clark St. & Quincy, this unseen corridor is just a beehive of activity.  Smokers… Read more »


There are some who argue (quite strenuously, in fact), that I hear voices in my head. C’mon, we’ve all got them. One that sends us into the waiting arms of an “I-don’t-care-how-much-they-cost-they’re-the-f*cking-EAGLES-man” concert ticket buying fit all the way down to a simpler, “So it’s the last Candy Corn Oreo…what’s it to you?” I’ve always… Read more »

"So, I guess this is hello."

As the Rolling Stones song opens, “Please allow me to introduce myself…” My name is Scott Case, and I’m the Founder and Chief Storyteller of this newly-formed company called Position : Global.

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