Zombie content marketing

A lot of what I do for clients is to focus on what is called content marketing, in other words providing and developing materials that will live on for a very long time and can even be repurposed.  When a company has something notable happen, or they undertake a project or participate in an event that… Read more »

Rewarding your VIP's or demoralizing everybody else?

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Atlanta to speak before their local Customs brokers and freight forwarder’s association.  The trip was very productive, as I used it to close one piece of business and am currently pursuing two more. The flight down with United was uneventful.  The return trip was pure, unmitigated hell; a… Read more »

Three tips for using e-mail newsletters for customers and prospects

When companies approach me asking for suggestions to stay in touch with customers and prospects, one of the quickest and easiest ways is through an e-mail newsletter sent on an established, expected schedule.  But just “having a newsletter” is not sufficient.  There are important considerations throughout the design, writing and distribution process.  Keeping it relevant… Read more »

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