What would happen if you compromised your brand?

On Sunday evening, my family went to a restaurant in Oak Brook that we’ve been frequenting since they opened their doors several years ago. At the time they opened, it was small and crowded. Crowded because people came out to support them, believed in their food and believed in the brand. Over time, they expanded,… Read more »

A long overdue P:G update and introduction

To say that there’s been a gap in communication on the blog would be an understatement. P:G has been busy growing and doing lots of great things for lots of great people and companies. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and present at conferences and for groups along the way; and those people have been… Read more »

Best practices and solutions for password security.

If you’re a fan of Mel Brooks’ work, you probably remember this scene in his Star Wars spoof “Spaceballs”: When this movie came out in 1987, the internet was a nascent thing confined to dialup and university researchers.  So the most secure things people were using were combination locks or padlocks. Identity theft meant your wallet… Read more »

Personalizing you and your business online.

Businesses and individuals can both instill their identity and make their companies easy to find online by claiming their personal and professional locations on the platforms their clients use. Business B2B Social Network Tips What platforms do you use to reach your customers?  Are you selling exclusive B2B or B2C, or do you have a… Read more »

Three things to keep in mind when hosting a webinar.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of hosting one webinar and attending two.  Webinars can be a tremendous way to engage an audience of your customers or prospects.  It’s not something that should be undertaken without a plan, and here are three things to keep in mind when planning yours. Choose a… Read more »

The importance of supply chain visibility.

This week, I led a webinar for a client about the importance of supply chain visibility.  Supply chain visibility is key for a logistics company for customer retention, revenue generation and proactive communication.  Let’s briefly touch on each one and why it is so crucial. Customer retention Freight rates are constantly in flux regardless of… Read more »

ACE Chicago Outreach Report

Last Thursday, the CCBFA and Roanoke Trade were kind enough to host an outreach seminar on ACE.  The featured speakers were Steve Hilson and Vince Annunziato of Customs and Border Protection. Their message?  If you’re a Customs broker, get on ACE now.  It doesn’t have to be a full dive into the deep end of the pool… Read more »

Meet your World Cup host, Brazil.

Brazil’s economy is, without question, the economic engine that drives South and Latin America.  Besides the futbol tournament currently underway and the Olympics slated for Rio in 2016, Brazil leads all South American countries in population and GDP. They are also a country besieged by poverty, high taxes, crime and infrastructure challenges. Brazil is the… Read more »

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