Be Prepared for Your Big Moments

On September 10th, AirStrip Technologies discovered that they couldn’t handle the traffic on their site when it was showcased in the Apple Watch demonstration during the keynote speech. “Our website was crashed within seconds,” AirStrip CEO Alan Portela said. Within hours of the keynote, Airstrip received product inquiries which crashed the company’s servers. Having watched… Read more »

What would happen if you compromised your brand?

On Sunday evening, my family went to a restaurant in Oak Brook that we’ve been frequenting since they opened their doors several years ago. At the time they opened, it was small and crowded. Crowded because people came out to support them, believed in their food and believed in the brand. Over time, they expanded,… Read more »

Personalizing you and your business online.

Businesses and individuals can both instill their identity and make their companies easy to find online by claiming their personal and professional locations on the platforms their clients use. Business B2B Social Network Tips What platforms do you use to reach your customers?  Are you selling exclusive B2B or B2C, or do you have a… Read more »

Everything contributes to brand perception

The wider the penetration of your brand, the more integral it is to make sure that the messages you deliver are compelling, creative and further your goal of greater awareness. Perhaps you remember teachers who would say, “Neatness counts.” Those same teachers probably also told you that spelling counts as well. Personally I’ve observed two… Read more »

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