Be Prepared for Your Big Moments

On September 10th, AirStrip Technologies discovered that they couldn’t handle the traffic on their site when it was showcased in the Apple Watch demonstration during the keynote speech. “Our website was crashed within seconds,” AirStrip CEO Alan Portela said. Within hours of the keynote, Airstrip received product inquiries which crashed the company’s servers. Having watched… Read more »

Photo and video social media for logistics companies.

For companies who move unique cargo or travel to meet partners or host others from far away, pictures or videos shared online are a tremendous way to create a closer, personal connection with customers and prospects.  If your company does any of those things, you should seriously investigate a corporate account on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,… Read more »

Social media is a two-way street.

Companies who use social media to converse with their customers have to realize that it is a two-way street. Borrowing some numbers from this post on Social Media Today, here is some information about customer engagement using social media channels. 24% of those who lost their temper about a product/service turned to social media to… Read more »

Personalize campaigns using client or prospect data.

“Big Data”.  The phrase is ubiquitous now, like “cloud computing”. In theory, it essentially refers to having a large amount of data pertaining to purchases, transactions or behaviors that can be aggregated, analyzed and then used for some other purpose, oftentimes marketing or selling additional services. There are many ways to use this data, whether… Read more »

Using pictures and videos tell stories

It’s not a surprise that sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are gaining so many followers.  Besides the connective nature of Facebook, the other three sites are solely image-driven. Companies in logistics need to be publishing pictures and videos about themselves, their agents and the cargo they handle.   Allow me to explain why…. Read more »

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