ACE Chicago Outreach Report

Last Thursday, the CCBFA and Roanoke Trade were kind enough to host an outreach seminar on ACE.  The featured speakers were Steve Hilson and Vince Annunziato of Customs and Border Protection. Their message?  If you’re a Customs broker, get on ACE now.  It doesn’t have to be a full dive into the deep end of the pool… Read more »

Meet your World Cup host, Brazil.

Brazil’s economy is, without question, the economic engine that drives South and Latin America.  Besides the futbol tournament currently underway and the Olympics slated for Rio in 2016, Brazil leads all South American countries in population and GDP. They are also a country besieged by poverty, high taxes, crime and infrastructure challenges. Brazil is the… Read more »

How do you innovate for customers?

This week brought Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC. While Apple holds many events for the consumer (think their iPhone and iPad launch events held every year), this is one aimed at the people who build software and applications for their ecosystem, Mac OS X (for Apple desktops) and iOS (for the aforementioned iPhones… Read more »

Shall there be only one…permit?

Last week in Miami, the Commercial Operations Advisory Committee, or COAC, put forth a series of recommendations to Customs and Border Protection.  COAC meets quarterly and is comprised of members of the trade representing importers, exporters, trade associations, Customs brokers and others.  Members of the Committee are appointed to two-year terms. The present construct of… Read more »

Net neutrality and why it's important.

Net neutrality is the concept that all traffic that moves on the internet does so without impediment or priority based on financial advantage or incentive. President Obama campaigned as a proponent of net neutrality and understands fully why it is important. WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY? Over time, though, the concept of net neutrality has been… Read more »

Tools of the trade: surveys

Surveys are an invaluable barometer for companies who are looking to get a reading on how they’re doing in the eyes of their customers or prospects.There are many ways to conduct surveys online for little or no cost, and they also can be integrated with CRM or or email campaign software to propagate the results… Read more »

Independence Day: Some favorite American places

Yesterday, we here in America celebrated our Independence Day holiday, and it is a country that is full of great cities and sights and I’m going to share some of mine. The holiday here is, of course, marked with barbecues, sports, picnics and fireworks.  Being a summer holiday, everybody in the country can participate with… Read more »

Zombie content marketing

A lot of what I do for clients is to focus on what is called content marketing, in other words providing and developing materials that will live on for a very long time and can even be repurposed.  When a company has something notable happen, or they undertake a project or participate in an event that… Read more »

Rewarding your VIP's or demoralizing everybody else?

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Atlanta to speak before their local Customs brokers and freight forwarder’s association.  The trip was very productive, as I used it to close one piece of business and am currently pursuing two more. The flight down with United was uneventful.  The return trip was pure, unmitigated hell; a… Read more »

Why it's important to keep your mailing lists current

Growing up, I wasn’t a pet owner.  I had a tank full of tropical fish for a period of time, but they’re more like museum pieces than pets; their interactivity level is pretty low and unless you’re operating a tank professionally, they’re likely not to be particularly…long lived. I say this because I married into… Read more »

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