While in transit to and from Sri Lanka, London was my connecting point.  On the way back from Sri Lanka, I sat down with Dan March and Mandy Warren of World Logistics Media, the publisher of the monthly newspaper Voice of the Independent.  They wanted to discuss the importance of social media for logistics companies and ask my insights on the topic.  It was a pleasure to share those views with them.

June 2013 Article VOI

The entire June edition can be viewed online here.  It has some great articles and is something that every independent logistics company should read and keep in mind as they compete in a global marketplace.

The past several weeks have been full of education, networking and new business opportunities.  It has also been a period of intense introspection on how to best communicate to people the importance of using advertising, digital and social media tools for their businesses.

After spending some time researching the issue, there really are no equivalents of Yelp, Emily’s List or Amazon where individuals leave reviews on their experiences with logistics companies.  As a result, those companies have the opportunity to really create the world that their clients and prospects live in.  It’s like the American movie The Truman Show, where Jim Carey plays a character whose entire life is spent unbeknownst to him on a television set where he is the star of a reality show.  That bubble they created, that world, was his everything.

The same opportunity exists in the logistics sector.  Create the message, live the message, make every interaction with your company align with that message and your branding will be what you want people to see and believe.

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