You can get your own midweek camel fix, we’ve got important stuff to talk about here.

Two things happen midweek:  Wednesday (see aforementioned dromedary reference) and my American Shipper webinar.

In case you’ve missed the blogs, emails, social media promotion and every other blitz under the sun short of flying a plane with a banner over your office, I’m talking social media for logistics companies on Wednesday at 1 PM Central with Jim Blaeser, the Publisher of American Shipper.

This is what you call a big deal.  It’s an hour and we’re going to talk about social media and the internet for recruiting, promotion, branding and advertising.  There will be a few poll questions, Q&A with the audience and the ability to download and keep and share the slide deck.  If you’ve even got an excuse for not being there in person, it’ll be archived to watch on-demand as well.

But if you’re there in person, you can hear me explain slides like this one.

Tune in to hear what they're whispering about.

Tune in to hear what they’re whispering about.

Companies seem to be sharply divided in their approach to social media, and in the wider context, advertising.  Whether this is based on misperceptions, lack of awareness of how the technology works or even what sorts of ways it is can be used, opportunities abound in a still nascent space.

Throughout the supply chain, companies make major investments in people, technology and assets to compete for the attention of shippers.  These investments are not insignificant and are designed to leverage technology and process enhancements to reduce the cost of doing business while increasing how much can be done for an equal or lesser amount of money.

We’ll be talking about branding as well, both the importance of it and the evolution of brand marks over time.  This is one of three slides about the evolution of corporate identities over time…the third one will be a somewhat unveiling for the work we’ve recently completed for a client.  American Airlines Logo Evolution

It’s going to be a pleasure to highlight that work, and it’s for a marquis client.  So don’t miss it; the details, one last time.

Wednesday, October 9th.

Time: 1 PM Central Time

Where:  Online


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